Whilst wood is at the heart of most of our furniture, it is by no means the only material we use. Over the years we have used a diverse range of materials for a variety of different applications.  We have developed excellent working relationships with companies and fellow craftsman who share our commitment to quality, and who are specialists within their own fields.

We are constantly researching new materials and technologies to choose the most appropriate material and techniques to match the requirements of each project.


The diversity of timbers available within this country is extensive, with each species having its own unique characteristics.  Much of the timber we use is from Britain, Europe and North America; although we do try to use locally sourced timbers wherever possible.  When sourcing our timber we go to great lengths to ensure that it has been sourced from sustainably managed areas.

We use only the finest solid and veneer for our furniture, hand selecting it to ensure the most suitable wood is used for each project, and each specific component.  Over the years we have collected a large selection of exquisite veneers, just waiting for that special project.


We regularly work with specialist metalworkers to create bespoke metal components for commissions.  Whether its bespoke hinges, sculptured handles, fabricated frames or cast fittings and fixtures we know the specialists who can get the job done to the required level of quality.  We have previously worked with Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Silver and Stainless Steel, with a variety of finishes and surface treatments.



Leather & Fabrics

We use a whole range of natural and manmade fabrics in a variety of different ways - from leather work for desk tops and writing surfaces, to lined drawers, to traditionally upholstered furniture.  Alcantara is a personal favourite of ours, as it combines the appearance of suede with the practical qualities of a synthetic material.  We always find the most appropriate material for the job. Our carefully selected specialist leather workers and upholsterers produce work to the highest standard.



Our specialist glass suppliers offer a wide range of products, working to exacting standards.  They accurately make panels from our templates to the high tolerances we set them.  We often use toughened float glass for table tops, shelving and cabinet doors.

We have also previously worked with artisan and fused glass designers to produce elements of our furniture and interiors from decorative panelling and detailing, to full height vision panels. 



Granite, Marble and Manmade Alternatives 

The unique characteristics of Granite and Marble make them very desirable materials, combining both durability and natural beauty.  These qualities make them the prefect materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops and splash backs.   We have used them both extensively for our furniture and interiors, as well as manmade alternatives such as Corian.  We work collaboratively with the finest craftsman and suppliers to ensure that we achieve only the highest standard of work.