Bespoke Guild Mark #236 Collector's Cabinet
English and Burr Walnut Cabinet - Based on ‘honesty of construction’, the observer is able to see through the carcase and view the dovetailed drawers

Bespoke Guild Mark #237 'Shell Chairs'
Steamed Pear and Ebony / Riplled Sycamore and Ebony - These dining room chairs take their inspiration from the 'Art Moderne period'

Bespoke Guild Mark #351 Chest of Drawers - 2004
English Walnut Chest of drawers, with Weathered Rippled Sycamore drawer fronts. Handles in Ebony and Brushed Stainless Steel,.

Claxton-Stephens Prize 2004
BGM351 Chest of Drawers was also awarded the Claxton-Stevens Prize in 2004 for the most outstanding Guild Mark piece of the year

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